A Fire Was In My Head

Fellow a Belt
24 December 2008, 10:41 am
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Lists can be useful.  In the same way that the human brain tends to establish a correlation, usually narrative, in a series of images (the basic principle behind motion pictures) so it will contextualize words in terms of the other words around it.  Secondary meanings of a few words in my new poem below, then, brim more visibly because I have placed them in a series.  In the coming days, we will see what else I can list.

Fellow a Belt

Look down at my waist
is also to give a fellow a belt
across the rump
so’re throttle rack cream
skewer here reflected
my body each hair and curv
e the tribute
to diversity
of violence a form the image of itself
disfigured like what rules
are meant to be              coruscating
too words beyond
the mere characters measuring
so high or wide or spaced
such and such a distance
coruscant aglimmer
past the edges with consequence and use
produced by bodies they too
are tribute even those apparently
perpendicular or skew to violence
like “perpendicular” or “skew”
or “cherub” whose innocence
of form somehow must have been regulated–



11 December 2008, 5:07 pm
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(certainly, no two flakes display identical pixelation)

At Last, a Great Truth
11 December 2008, 4:59 pm
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From Pride and Prejudice, which I am sorry to say I have only just begun.  Elizabeth’s mother is speaking of her other daughter, Jane:

“When she was only fifteen, there was a gentleman at my brother Gardiner’s in town so much in love with her that my sister-in-law was sure he would make her an offer before we came away.  But, however, he did not.  Perhaps he thought her too young.  However, he wrote some verses on her, and very pretty they were.”

“And so ended his affection,” said Elizabeth impatiently.  “There has been many a one, I fancy, overcome in the same way.  I wonder who first discovered the efficacy of poetry in driving away love!”

Well, there it is, plain as day.


Four Cities
3 December 2008, 4:09 pm
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I have tried to capture some of the geography and history so crucial to my notions of “place.” These observations reside continually in moments, and they are as real as anything else, anything really sensed or remembered. The cities portrayed are a product of myself and themselves and plenty of others, of the layered past and the membranous present, the orchestration of perception.

Charged with summer force,
shimmers like a fantasy
in our car mirrors.

Synchronized barges
light the Bay evening
for independence,
flashes in the fog.

I had never known how
Chicago swells from
the lake and deep plains.

A low causeway marches
in on the lake bed,
offers humility
where it can, and grace.